Breakthrough: NIA arrest Key Accused in Cross-Border Arms and Explosives Trafficking


Source: Waari Singbul Network

2/3/20242 min read

New Delhi: In a major operation, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) dealt a severe blow to cross-border terrorism, uncovering a sophisticated arms and explosives trafficking network. On Thursday, NIA arrested Lalngaihawma, a resident of Mamit area in Mizoram, for his key role in this illicit operation.

The arrest followed strategic inputs revealing the activities of a well-organized, large-scale illegal arms and ammunition supply network operating in select North Eastern States of India. Lalngaihawma was apprehended in Aizawl, Mizoram, as NIA continues its crackdown on the expansive network.

Investigations by NIA have exposed that the accused, along with accomplices, was not only engaged in trafficking arms, ammunition, and explosive materials within the North-eastern States but also across international borders.

Collaborating with various operatives, including insurgent groups beyond the border, he played a significant role in facilitating the movement of illicit weapons.

Their nefarious conspiracy included distributing terror hardware to individuals both within India and abroad. The weapons and explosives circulated are suspected to have been used in violent terrorist acts and criminal activities spanning various regions.

The case, registered by NIA under RC-31/2023/NIA/DLI on 26th December 2023, encompasses charges under sections 120B of IPC, sections 18 of UA (P) Act 1967, Section 6 of Explosive Substances Act 1908, and sections 25 (1) (a) & 25 (1AA) of the Arms Act.

NIA is actively conducting further investigations to dismantle the entire network and bring all involved individuals to justice. This successful operation underscores the agency’s commitment to countering cross-border terrorism and ensuring the safety and security of the nation.

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