Manipur entrepreneur to participate in world youth fest in Russia ilitants


Source: Waari Singbul Network

2/28/20241 min read

Imphal: Deepak Shijagurumayum, a successful entrepreneur from the state has been selected for taking part in the ensuing weeklong World Youth Festival in Sochi, Russia which will kick off on March 1.

The festival is the largest youth event in the world that will be held by the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Deepak is the CEO of a digital media platform/firm “My Gov Manipur”.

Deepak has been selected for his valuable contribution and notable works in the field of media, IT and entrepreneurship inspiring thousands of youth across the state and country, said a statement of the firm.

“Deepak is an example of resilience and determination of the youth of India who generate employment to more than 150 individuals. He is among the 360 Indian youth participating in the Festival,” it said.

The festival is a forum to encourage youth to contribute, collaborate and play a real role in nation building, the statement said, adding that “this platform brings together young leaders from various countries around the world with their brilliant ideas that can be collaborated to make a positive impact on society.”

Throughout the festival, there will be an eventful program of educational, cultural, scientific and sports activities.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in exciting workshops, discussions, panel sessions and trainings, see performances by the best creative teams, and spend the evenings at concerts and talk shows with famous artists etc. it added.

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