Terrifying Close Call: Armed Militants Target School Children Playing Football in Manipur’s Ethnic Conflict Hotspot


Source: Waari Singbul Network

2/13/20241 min read

Imphal: Disturbing developments unfolded on Tuesday at the Santipur-Pukhao playground near the Irilbung river, where seven school children playing football narrowly escaped a tragic fate. Armed Kuki Chin Zo militants, equipped with sophisticated weaponry, fired sniper shots at the unsuspecting kids, capturing the heart-wrenching moment on a viral social media video.

In the chilling footage, the boys sought refuge in a nearby ditch, recounting the close call as sniper bullets missed them by a whisker.

”Look, look at my feet, it's all messed up. Look at my brothers, we were just playing football together then..” one of the boys who recorded the scene live is heard saying. As a sniper fired and missed them only by a whiskers he continued, “Oh! It's getting close. I think they know we’re hiding here.”

Despite the terrifying experience, none of the boys sustained injuries.

The day witnessed prolonged gunfights in Santipur-Pukhao, adding to the escalating conflict between the Kuki Chin Zo militants and Meitei Village defense volunteers in Imphal East district, Manipur.

The intense clashes resulted in a fatality on each side, with three Meitei volunteers sustaining bullet injuries.

The critical situation persists, with ongoing gunfights in the area, highlighting the deep-rooted tensions between the predominantly Meitei-dominated district of Imphal East and the Kuki-dominated district of Kangpokpi.

Santipur-Pukhao, located in the vicinity of Khamenlok, has become a hotspot for ethnic violence. Since May 3 of the preceding year, Manipur has been grappling with relentless conflict, claiming over two hundred lives and displacing over sixty thousand individuals who continue to seek refuge in makeshift relief camps. The situation remains dire, emphasizing the urgent need for resolution and stability in the region.

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