Vaishnavaites of Manipur Seek Divine Intervention for Peace on Vasant Panchami


Source: Waari Singbul Network

2/14/20242 min read

Imphal: Amidst the current challenges faced by Manipur, the Vaishnavaites, especially students and their families preparing for significant board examinations, congregated at the sacred Hiyangthang Leirembi Temple on Vasant Panchami. This festival, locally known as Fairen-gi Manga-ni, is dedicated to Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning, and signifies the arrival of spring.

Despite the disruption of Saraswati Puja during the insurgency in the 1990s that used to be celebrated with pomp and gaiety in schools and college, the Hiyangthang Leirembi Temple in Langthabal witnessed a surge of devotees, particularly 12th-grade students seeking blessings for academic success. Ibeyaima, a vendor near the temple, noted the heightened demand for offerings on this special day.

"The temple opens only on specific days, like the full moon, new moon, and festive occasions like Bor Puja, Durga Puja, Saraswati, or Fairengi Mangani. We exclusively offer items for worship on those particular days," explained Ibeyaima

However, beyond academic aspirations, many devotees used this spiritual gathering as an opportunity to pray for the swift resolution of the ongoing ethnic conflict that has disrupted lives in Manipur. Ibeyaima, reflecting the sentiment of the community, expressed her hope for an end to the conflict, acknowledging its profound impact on the lives of the people.

“We’re all suffering. Our lives are thrown into chaos by this conflict. I want this conflict to end as soon as possible,” Ibeyaima said.

Meisnam Yohenba, a physics teacher at HHD Academy, emphasized the tradition of seeking blessings for academic success during this festival. He mentioned escorting 40 students from his school hostel and highlighted the convention to bring students to pray to Hiyangthang Leirembi for good performance in their board exams.

Saranthem Medha, a concerned parent waiting for her daughter Caroline Chanu, voiced her hope for a swift resolution to the ongoing ethnic conflict. She expressed her worry about the impact of the conflict on the academic atmosphere of the students and the overall disruption it has caused.

“I’m here for my daughter who is appearing for her 12th exams. She has gone inside the temple to pray to clear her exams with flying colors. The prevailing situation is upsetting our lives, particularly the academic atmosphere of the students. I pray the unrest ends soon,” Medha said.

The spiritual gathering on Vasant Panchami has become more than a plea for academic success; it serves as a symbolic prayer for peace and normalcy in Manipur during these challenging times.

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