Will not use excessive force on own people says Manipur Chief Minister while justifying no action on protestors disrupting operations of State Buses


Source: DIPR

12/25/20232 min read

Imphal: Chief Minister N Biren Singh, in a move towards fostering unity and peace, expressed the government’s commitment to resolving the ongoing crisis without resorting to aggressive measures.

Emphasizing the importance of dialogue over violence, he urged all involved parties to embrace peace and cooperation, encouraging the resettlement of people in their original places and promoting communal harmony within the state.

During a press interaction at the Manipur information and public relations department, CM Biren emphasized the necessity of patience in resolving the issue, acknowledging the time required for a comprehensive solution.

Biren reacted to the Kuki-Zo protesters' blockade of Manipur State Transport inter-district passenger buses on designated routes (Imphal-Kangpokpi-Senapati and Imphal-Bishnupur-Churachandpur), following the government's notification to reopen these paths with enhanced security measures. He reaffirmed his administration's commitment to refrain from employing disproportionate force, highlighting the shared responsibility towards all residents, irrespective of their group affiliations."

As the festive season approached, CM Biren made a heartfelt appeal to those involved in the crisis to cease violence and initiate constructive dialogues, highlighting the importance of cohabitation and understanding among the populace.

Furthermore, while affirming the government’s dedication to the welfare of the people, Biren acknowledged the desire of many Kuki individuals to live harmoniously within the state, acknowledging that the dissent was from a limited section of the community.

In an effort to promote reconciliation, CM Biren urged organizations like the Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF) and Committee on Tribal Unity (COTU) to recognize the futility of violence, emphasizing the need for peaceful resolution.

Regarding the action of the Assam Rifles in contrast with the government’s notification on opening travel restrictions clamped on the highway passing through Churachandpur, the chief minister said it was caused by communication gap and assured corrective measures to prevent such occurrences in the future, aiming for seamless transport operations across the state. Assam Rifles troopers had forced the Manipur State Transport buses to turn back from the intra-district border, preventing the buses from reaching Churachandpur district.

Highlighting the progress achieved, Biren noted the gradual return of normalcy in Imphal valley and the positive trend towards peace in hill districts like Churachandpur and Kangpokpi.

Despite the crisis emerging in May, CM Biren clarified that the state had experienced five months of peace during the period, emphasizing the importance of not generalizing the situation as continuously violent. The government remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering reconciliation, ensuring the welfare of all citizens, and fostering an environment of peace and harmony within Manipur.

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